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digital art



Put simply, any size of print can be output up to billboard sheets if required! However a standard set of sizes for the average house, apartment or hotel foyer is listed below.

A4 Photographic Print - £450.00

A3 Photographic Print - £550.00

A2 Digital Press Print - £950.00

A1 Digital Press Print - £1250.00

A0 Digital Press Print - £1450.00

There is no VAT charge.

Free Delivery anywhere on earth!

The high profile interactive art studio for
graphics professionals.

This is it... is up and running and has already made a big impact on the online art scene as well as impressing a number of commercial art buyers and private individuals.

In our effort to bring the latest and most "happening" pieces of work from around the world doodletron constantly wades through hundreds of submissions, sorting the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff and eventually delivering high quality, stunning artwork from some of the most exciting up and coming artists this century.

"Fantastic pieces of art... at fantastic prices..."

Contact doodletron for framing catalogue and price list.

Les gen du doodletron: the great maundini, ted muller, varno brown, zeno pride, jellyroll stephens, scroat design team, scrogg ov, puppet & ramage.