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digital art

submitting your own images...


Submissions must fit the following criteria in order to have a chance to appear in the doodletron studio.

Name & address of artist.

Artist's email address.

Submission NOT to exceed 100k.

High res files must be available.

You must agree with the doodletron copyright procedure.

You must have talent!


So you think you've got talent?

At doodletron, we're not interested in Star Trek style space stations or luscious 3D models of the latest mobile phone... no, we are looking for abstract images that capture the imagination of the viewer, compelling the brain to explore the relevant and the irrelevant, the wierd and the wonderful in search of relativity.


Check out the images from top digital artist Tony Maunder... pictures of nothing that somehow belong to something you may have dreamt of.

Anyway, if you think you've got what it takes send us your files and we will look at all of them. Important: due to the amount of traffic and submissions, attached files must not exceed 100k in total... those that do are trashed! Thanks and good luck.

Competition rules are simple. All images shown on the site during the month are eligible for the competition hit count. The image with the most recorded showings wins two hundred pounds or the equivalent amount of euro's or dollars.